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Ben Yalom


I am deeply invested in helping individuals and couples work through the challenging issues that life throws at all of us. I believe it is possible for us all to pursue meaningful goals, in open partnership with the people we love (or will love), in ways that resonate with our deepest values.
Psychotherapy and the healing that can come through therapy have been lifelong passions of mine. Before beginning my career as a therapist I was a theater maker, a teacher, a writer, a husband, and a father to three children. I have made my fair share of bad choices and mistakes, and from them have gained perspectives that can be helpful for many clients.
I work with a trauma-informed attachment lens, using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with couples. I appreciate the meaning-centered work of Existential Psychotherapy, and the value and ethics-based perspective of Narrative Therapy. I approach our work as a collaborative endeavor, that we create together.
I hold degrees from Stanford University (BA in Political Science and Theater), and the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop (MFA in Creative Writing), and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Marriage and Family therapy at Alliant University. I recently co-authored the book Hour of the Heart, with my father, renowned therapist and best-selling author Irvin Yalom.

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