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Practicum at Stronger Together

At Stronger Together Community Services, we strive to promote mental health and wellness by providing access to individualized healing practices that support both the mind and body. We understand the stigma that often surrounds seeking mental health services, and our goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone on their journey to wellness. Through empowerment, growth, and community building, we believe that together, we can overcome any obstacles and embrace life to its fullest potential.

Training Opportunities

Training Commitment

STCS is dedicated to providing excellent training and education opportunities to practicum students. Our leadership team works diligently to design educational programs that enhance clinical and DEIB skills and support the development of quality mental health providers. The training and education program at STCS is experiential and requires active engagement. STCS is looking for candidates who can dedicate time, energy and attention to learning the art and science of therapy in immersive way.

Time Commitment

  • Weekly triadic supervision (1 hour)
  • Weekly group supervision (2 hours)
  • Weekly consultation group (2 hours)
  • Monthly DEIB training (6 hours)
  • Weekly direct client contact (5-10 hours)
  • Weekly intake shift (3 hours)
  • Additional support hours: weekly meeting with mentor and/or supervisor in training (1-3 hours)

Successful Students

  • Recognize the value of DEIB in professional and personal life
  • Understand the importance of a quality training experience
  • Demonstrate flexiblity and oppenness to change
  • Works well independently and in a group setting
  • Asks questions and takes feedback well
  • Desire a warm snd supportive experience in a smaller setting
  • Are motivated self starters
  • Enjoy fun and laugher in the learning process

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Supervisor: Allison Brownlee, LMFT 89484
Models of Therapy: EFT, AEDP, EMDR
Relational Hours are collected by seeing couples, families, kids, and facilitating group therapy
Direct Observation Hours: collected in triadic and group supervision

Personal and Professional Growth with a DEIB focus

DEIB is at the center of STCS and our DEIB Boards supports all of the operational, clinical, and educational aspects of our organization. We prioritize collaboration and encourage team members at STCS to provide their thoughts, ideas, and feedback about our daily operations and large scale mission and vision. We strive to reduce the power differentials in workplace and clinical relationships and offer a safe space for individuals to voice their opinions, share with vulnerability and enhance the relationships at STCS with their experiences. We work diligently, everyday, to evaluate our current practices and develop new and creative ways to build on our strengths and expand our positive impact in the community.

Learning in a safe community

At STCS we are dedicated to providing training and supervision that is tailored to the specific needs of our students and their clinical work. We offer a variety of educational activities that enhance a student’s clinical knowledge through didactic learning, video review, live supervision, and experiential work. Supervisors will join sessions with students to assist them and guide them through their clinical work, students can work together on treatment teams and be paired together for co-therapy. This approach to supervision and training allows clinicians to learn and grow in a supportive environment- we truly are stronger together, we do not learn in isolation at STCS. We find the most successful students are able to embrace this learning model, lean on their support system at STCS and build confidence in themselves through the encouragement of the team.

Experiential Group Therapy Opportunities

STCS has designed Empowerment Weekends for anyone who identifies as a woman+. Groups are held on Saturdays for about eight hours and are facilitated by students, AMFTs, and supervisors. These weekend workshops are focused on increasing self-confidence, identifying the roots of anxiety, learning copings kills, using somatic practices (mindful movement, stretching, paddle boarding) and building community with others with similar stories. These events are a source of pride for the team at STCS as they represent our values in action. At these events we reduce the power differential between therapist and client, and build a relationship that is grounded in the fundamentals of the human experience. These weekends not only provide a healing space for our participants but they are an enriching space for our team.

How to Apply

  • Email: Please include your name, pronouns, desired start date, resume, and cover letter.
  • Please allow three business days for a response. The hiring team will review application materials and respond via email if they would like to proceed with an interview. Initial interviews are scheduled via zoom, follow up interviews are in person.

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