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DEIB at Stronger Together Community Services

The DEIB board at STCS is a combination of departments working towards common goals across the operating areas of STCS. The DEIB board serves to ensure that therapy programs (outpatient services, healing retreats, and integrative wellness activities) are designed and implemented in ways that reflect the SCTS mission of diversity, equity inclusion and belonging. Additionally, this board is dedicated to ensuring that those working with STCS, in any capacity, are treated fairly, with respect and have pathways to express concerns. This board also facilitates the onboarding processes and creates policies and procedures.

DEIB Departments at STCS

Training and Education

This board serves to ensure that employees, contractors and volunteers receive proper onboarding training, as well as monthly clinical/non-clinical training to be equipped to serve our clients and community effectively. Our nonclinical training is provided to all staff members, contractors and volunteers to ensure our services are aligned with STCS diversity, equity & inclusion values. Community partners aligned with STCS mission and values are invited and welcomed to provide relevant clinical/non-clinical training.

DEIB Board Leaders

Montse Chavarria, Training and Education Director |

Welcome to our Training and Education Department, where Montse, Allison and Jennifer collaborate to bring you a unique educational experience. Emphasizing inclusivity, Montseleads our team and drives our commitment to diverse learning environments while adding creativity to ensure each program is not only informative but also engaging. Montse supports a practical and inclusive approach to education at STCS.


This board serves to ensure that incoming clients are treated with respect, compassion, are assessed appropriately for services at STCS. This board provides oversite to intake staff to ensure our phone screens are conducted in alignment with the DEIB principles at STCS. We recognize that for many individuals the first phone call, message, or email can be overwhelming and we strive to remove barriers to care at each point of contact.

DEIB Board Leaders

Kaitlin Kezer, Intake Coordinator |

Kasey Riggins, Intake Coordinator |

Women’s Empowerment

This board designs and supports the facilitation of the STCS Women’s Empowerment events.  We are honored to support women+ on their journey to self -confidence as they identify the roots of anxiety, learn coping skills, and build community with others with similar stories. Each workshop is unique and filled with activities that allow women+ to embody empowerment and lean into their strengths. Many of our groups center around creative practices, physical activities, and emotional processing work.

Merylee Robbins, WE Director |

Allison Brownlee, STCS Founder |


The primary goals of this board are to identify and implement ongoing DEI-informed collaboration, education, and partnership opportunities between STCS and individuals, families, social service/healthcare providers and natural support networks in the community to improve quality and access to care.

Wende Briggs, Marketing Director

Allison Brownlee, Founder of STCS

A message from our DEIB Board Directors

  • The DEIB Board is at the center of STCS and supports all of the operational, clinical, and educational aspects of our organization. The DEIB board develops and reviews organizational practices, policies, and processes and is involved in every department at STCS. The DEIB board at STCS ensures that we are up to date with best practices for clinical work, provide trauma informed care to our community, develop and maintain a safe workplace environment and empower those we serve and teach to practice DEIB in their personal and professional lives.
  • Any team member at STCS is welcome to join DEIB board meetings, it is through small and large group conversations that we find ways to tailor our practices to reach and service those in our community who might not otherwise have access to quality mental health care informed by DEIB principles.
  • We prioritize collaboration and encourage team members at STCS to provide their thoughts, ideas, and feedback about our daily operations and large scale mission and vision. We strive to reduce the power differentials in workplace and clinical relationships and offer a safe space for individuals to voice their opinions, share with vulnerability and enhance the relationships at STCS with their experiences.
  • We work diligently, everyday, to evaluate our current practices and develop new and creative ways to build on our strengths and expand our positive impact in the community. We hope that our passion for DEIB inspires you in a meaningful way to contribute to your own community or join ours!

Jennifer Vigil, Director of DEIB and Allison Brownlee, Founder and Clinical Director of STCS

To learn more about the DEI Mission at STCS, any of our boards, or to make a donation that supports a specific board or initiative, please contact us.

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