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Esther Lapite Crew Member

Esther Lapite

Esther has been a volunteer for STCS since 2020 and is currently spending her time on the CSSR and Scholarship boards respectively. Esther joined us with the hopes of developing diverse, equitable, and inclusive policies and programs that help serve the local community, with a particular focus on BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ experiences. In addition to serving as a volunteer, Esther spends her time as a clinical psychology doctoral student at Alliant International University in San Diego. Outside of her commitments, Esther finds enjoyment in spending time with her friends and family, writing romantic stories, and singing the latest hit by Ed Sheeran. If you ever see her around and need a warm hug, do not hesitate to ask. She will give it to you with a warm smile at no additional charge.

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