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Kasey Riggins

I became interested in Therapy after doing my own therapy and therapy with my family as life challenges came up. I love all sides of therapy, the connection, the vulnerability of both client and therapist throughout the process, and the beauty/pain of growing.   I am thrilled to be a part of STCS because accessibility to mental health support is so important to me as I have experienced financial barriers to care in my own life and with my own family. I know how incredibly important it is to be able to feel like we can get the care we are seeking when we need it.

As a volunteer I am still learning about all of the different modalities of therapy. At this time I am really interested in Emotionally focused therapy and attachment theory, Inner child work, ACT, AEDP and somatic therapy.  I hope to work with couples and parents of children with special needs, families, children, and individuals. I love being outside with my family, walking my dog, and taking care of my 5 chickens.

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