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Sophia Alexander 

Hello! My name is Sophia and I am a therapist trainee here at STCS. Starting therapy is a deeply transformative experience that I recognize can be daunting for some and a vulnerable space to enter for all.
My role as a therapist is to meet you wherever you are in your journey and walk alongside you in your unique path of healing and transformation. I come from a strengths based and person-centered approach as I sincerely believe everyone possesses the strengths within them to make the change they desire. It is my commitment to uplift and shine a light on these unique traits with you.
I have experience working in many levels of care including residential treatment centers, mental health rehabilitation centers, and outpatient levels of care where a multitude of mental health challenges and relational difficulties are present A little about me: Being in therapy throughout most of my life is really what initiated my passion to be in this field myself. I have a pug named Frank who goes with me everywhere and in my freetime you can catch me indulging in reality TV or walking alongside north county beaches collecting crystals. I identify as queer and strive to provide a safe and welcoming space to any and everyone I encounter.

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