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Wendie Briggs


Wendie is a Marriage and Family Therapy trainee. She is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Counseling at Point Loma Nazarene University and holds a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Colorado Christian University.

Wendie has experience with somatic therapy and targeting the limbic system to reverse trauma. For the past several years, Wendie has worked as a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer and health coach. She believes there is no division between mind and body. Paying attention to the sensations and messages the body is trying to convey is an integral part of therapy. Wendie takes a non-pathologizing, attachment-based approach, focusing on aspects of mindfulness, and family-systems during treatment. She has experience working with survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and trauma. She has also worked with military veterans and is a military spouse.

In Wendie’s free time, she likes to travel, read, paint, weightlift, and be on the water as much as possible.

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