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Wendie Briggs


I work from an attachment-based, non-pathologizing, trauma-informed lens, focusing on somatic and nervous system correlates to incite mind-body awareness. I’m trained in AEDP, EMDR, EFT, and other attachment-based/emotion-focused modalities.

During our time together we will look at your early childhood experiences and your relationship to your caregivers because these foundational relationships influence us as adults. These early attachment experiences affect how we experience the world and behave, how we interact with others and handle situations, and how we view ourselves. We will dig into the past to bring to light things that are going on in the present.

The assumption is that these early learned patterns of behavior worked for you at some point. They kept you alive, they kept you safe and were fundamentally protective in nature. As we get older, some of these former systems of relating no longer serve us which is often why unhappiness, dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and relational problems arise. So we will work on updating the systems of relating and operating.

We will focus on expressing and being present with a wide range of emotions. We will work experientially and relationally. We will look at the physiological reactions in your body and help you attune to the signals your body is telling you in the present moment. We will also discuss the different “parts of you”. Sometimes these parts can be conflicting and complex. We will work to parse these feelings/parts to bring clarity and help you navigate life choices from a centered grounded place.

I have experience working with military veterans and military spouses, those experiencing spiritual/religious abuse and trauma, survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, coercive relationships, neurodivergence, PTSD, and trauma.

Before I was a therapist, I worked as a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer and Co-Active holistic health coach. I am a military spouse and mom. In my free time, I like to travel, read, paint, weightlift, and be on the water as much as possible.

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